RIPE Policy 2013-04 accepted

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Jan 3, 2014
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RIPE Policy 2013-04 accepted

During RIPE 67 in Athens, we received news that the policy proposal from Erik Bais for 2013-04 – Resource Certification for non-members was accepted.

The new RIPE policy is published in RIPE document: RIPE-596

This is good news for the community and especially for the non-members of RIPE in the RIPE region. Typically non-members of RIPE are companies or entities which hold IP resources but are not an LIR, such as holders of Early Registration Space or Provider Independent (PI) IP space.

RPKI was already available for LIR’s their PA space, but with the acceptance of this proposal, it is now also possible to get PI space and Early Registration Space certified through RIPE.

An implementation of RPKI with only half of the available resources didn’t make any sense, so we are glad that this is now fixed and available for people who would like to certify their IP resources to avoid BGP hijacking.

The actual implementation will be taken up by the RIPE Operational team and they will inform the community soon about how they are going to offer the service.