Leasing IPv4 addresses

In need of IPv4 but do not have the budget to buy? Leasing is also an option.

IPv4 addresses are becoming more and more expensive. From a business standpoint it may make more sense to accommodate your short or long term IPv4 needs by leasing IPv4 addresses instead of buying them. Prefix Broker has various clients offering IPv4 addresses for short and long term lease.

Leasing out surplus IPv4 addresses

Looking to capitalize on your surplus IPv4 addresses?

These days many companies are looking to lease rather than buy IPv4 addresses. If you have IPv4 addresses that your company or organisation has no plans for in the near future it may be interesting to look at leasing them out.

Leasing out IP addresses is allowed according to the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) policies. It enables an IPv4 address holder to financially utilize their resources while these are not being used in their own network. Prefix Broker has successfully supervised the administrative and technical side of various IPv4 leasing projects.

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