How we work

Prefix Broker Procedures

We work according to the principle that all parties involved in a transaction will receive full entitlement after the completion of the transaction. Prefix Broker guides the process and ensures that the transaction is completed in a professional, transparent and correct manner.

Upon receiving a request or quote we check if the provider is authorized to trade, and contact the requesting party. As an additional service we can manage and clean the IP blocks involved. This ensures the buyer that they will receive a so-called clean IP block.

All payments are handled by a Prefix Broker selected notary. The notary manages the funds through a third-party account until the transaction is completed and the RIPE IPv4 addresses are registered to their new owner. After receiving a registration confirmation from RIPE we will instruct the notary to finalize the payment to the selling party.

What can Prefix Broker do for you?

We handle all paperwork on both the supplier and the buyer side. Our consultants are very familiar with the RIPE procedures and as a matter of fact contributed to, and helped with, writing the current RIPE Region policies. We can clean up IP blocks so that you as buyer will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. We mediate in between parties and organize all arrangements needed in order to complete a transaction of IPv4 addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1Can I move IPv4 blocks between the different regions?
This is possible. The new policies will allow the moving of IPv4 blocks between different regions. More info can be found at the RIPE website.
2What is the value of an IPv4 block?
The value of an IPv4 block depends on a number of factors. Factors affecting the price include; the size of the block, what its origin is and whether the block is clean (without SBL listing and or abuse history). The cleaner the range the higher the price will be There is a difference between PA space (Provider Aggregated), Legacy (or Early Registration space). With Legacy or Early Registration space, which cost slightly more, we are actually talking about the ownership of the IP addresses.
3What are the cost of purchasing an IPv4 block?
  • The price per IP as requested by the seller
  • The Broker fee of Prefix Broker (10% of the price per IP)
  • The Notary fee or ESCROW fee of 450 Euro
4What services does Prefix Broker offer (is included in the Broker fee)?
  • Broker services/consultancy in the field of procedures and IP addressing
  • Pre – transaction: technical consultancy
  • Legal services: merge, Research, RIPE
  • Creating the proper files for the transfer. Prefix Broker is the intermediate between buyer and seller
  • Prefix broker can communicate on behalf of the seller or buyer with RIPE if desired
  • Post transaction: RIPE registration, handling and aftercare
5What do I actually get when I purchase an IPv4 block?
With RIPE PA or RIPE PI space, you will obtain a license of use, however the IP addresses will remain property of RIPE.

Legacy or Early Registration addresses are not covered by the RIPE Policies and therefore when selling or buying Legacy or Early Registration IP Space, you are selling or buying the actual property of IP addresses instead of handing over or obtaining a license of use.
6Are all IPv4 addresses available for sale?
No, for example, if there are active customers remaining on these IPv4 addresses, it would not be possible to sell them. There are also restrictions on Provider Independent (PI) IP space.

Please contact Prefix Broker, if you have questions or queries regarding the availability of IPv4 addresses.
7Am I allowed to sell IPv4 blocks?
Yes, (RIPE Policies use the term "transfer") Current RIPE policies allow you to sell or buy (Transfer) the ‘right of use’ on IP blocks within the RIPE region.
8How are payments processed and what guarantees do I get?
By working through an official notary agency in the Netherlands (ESCROW) and verification that the IP addresses are actually registered in your name, the final financial transaction for the ESCROW account will only occur after the administrative (transfer) process has been completed and listed at the RIPE IPv4 transfer statistics page.
9If I purchase IP addresses, would I be classed as the owner?
Yes and no. When the IP addresses fall within the regulation of RIPE, then there is a so called ‘right of use’. Basically you will buy the ‘right to use’, however if the IP addresses are not registered within the RIPE regulations. If we talk about a so-called Legacy or Early Registration space and you will be classed as the actual owner.
10What documents are needed for a transfer?
  • A valid (not older then 2 years) Chamber of commerce registration including a persons authorized to sign in behalf of…. (Buyer and Seller) for the purchase contract and the RIPE transfer document
  • a print screen of the LIR billing page with the LIR name visible in the right hand (upper) corner
  • Vat number and Bank information from Buyer and Seller
  • A full name, date, place, country of birth of the person signing the sales contract and the transfer agreement as listed in the chamber of commerce registration
11Can I still obtain free IP addresses from RIPE?
Yes. As long as RIPE has IPv4 addresses any new LIR registration can request a /22 from the final /8 and IPv6 addresses. Prefix Broker can help you becoming a RIPE member, obtain the IPv4, IPv6 and ASN resources. We can provide a full service including a LIR Management solution.
12How long does a transfer of IPv4 takes?
From the time that the contractual documents are signed and the deposit is made in the ESCROW account. The transfer is usually done within 48 hours up to a week. The delay in this depends heavily of the response time of RIPE.