What can Prefix Broker do for you?

We mediate in between parties and organize all arrangements needed in order to complete a transaction of IPv4 addresses. Wether you are in need of IPv4 addresses or are looking to sell surplus IPv4 addresses, Prefix Broker is your one-stop shop. We have a large list of clients looking to buy and sell IPv4 addresses and will carefully match your requirements with the best suited party.

Once both parties verbally agree on a deal we handle all paperwork on both the seller and the buyer side and will guide both parties through the signing, transfer and payment process to ensure a smooth transaction with minimal delays.

Prefix Broker procedures

We are very familiar with the RIR procedures and as a matter of fact contributed to, and helped with, writing the current RIPE region transfer policies.

We work according to ensure that all parties involved in a transaction will receive full entitlement after the completion of the transaction. Prefix Broker guides the process and ensures that the transaction is completed in a professional, transparent and correct manner.

Upon receiving a request or quote we check if the provider is authorized to trade, and contact the requesting party. As an additional service we can manage and clean the IP blocks involved. This ensures the buyer that they will receive a so-called clean IP block.

All payments are handled by Prefix Broker's primary notary. The notary manages the funds through a third-party account until the transaction is completed and the IPv4 addresses are registered to their new owner. After receiving a registration confirmation from the RIR we will instruct the notary to finalize the payment to the selling party.

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