Buy IPv4

Buying IPv4 addresses

Is your company or organization in need of extra IPv4 addresses?

As a registered IP broker, Prefix Broker is familiar with all the required (RIPE) procedures that come with the buying, selling and leasing of IPv4 address space. It is our mission to make sure that you, as the buyer of IPv4 addresses, are never at risk and receive the resources that you are entitled too after a successful transaction.

To buy (additional) IP resources an organization needs to fulfill a specific set of requirements. You might for instance be required to be a member of the Governing Regional Internet Registry (RIR) in the specific region. In some regions one of the requirements is to obtain pre-approval before you can purchase IP space. As a part of our consultancy service we assist our customers in sorting out all these prerequisites on their behalf.

Running into questions while purchasing IPv4 addresses

During the process of acquiring additional IPv4 space or the ‘right to use’ you might run in to questions like:

    Can the supplying party prove that they own the ‘right to use’?
    Will I be classified as the legal owner when I purchase IP addresses or the ‘right to use’?
    Are we allowed to use IP addresses or the ‘right to use’ as we see fit after acquirement?
    Are there limitations on the use of IP addresses or ‘right to use’?
    Are there the risks involved for my company?

To answer all your questions Prefix Broker has developed clear and understandable procedures. As we understand that you may still have additional questions or concerns regarding the purchase of our services we will do our utmost to answer any queries you might have.

Buying IPv4 addresses or the ‘right to use’ is not a difficult procedure with an experienced IP Broker at your side to guide you throughout the whole process.