Prefix Broker - Services

About Prefix Broker

Prefix Broker facilitates the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses in between companies and organizations that are looking to buy, sell or lease IPv4 address space. We are a joint venture of two Local Internet Registries (LIR’s) based in the Netherlands and have an extensive knowledge of RIPE policies as well as years of experience in providing IP resources to our customers.
With our combined expertise and knowledge of the Regional IP market we are in an excellent position to support our customers with a full range of IP broker services. Please contact us directly to find out how our broker services can be deployed for your organizations requirements and benefits.

RIPE regional focus

Prefix Broker focuses its services on the RIPE NCC service area which covers the whole of Europe, the Middle East and Russia/parts of Central Asia. We are located within the RIPE region ourselves and feel completely at home with all regional IP policies. We believe we serve our customers best from and from within our our own region.

Broker fee

We charge a so-called ‘broker fee per transaction’ for each successful transaction of IPv4 addresses.

Transparant procedures

At Prefix Broker we believe that the use of transparent procedures is the only way to ensure that no unpleasant surprises occur during or after a transaction.

IP Address recycling

We are confident that we can offer you the best solution in all situations. Whether you have a surplus or a need for IPv4 addresses. ask us how we can assist!